Mid-autumn Festival is coming soon! In the past few years, I made different moon cake for tutorial. And this year! I made a cute version of moon cake for you guys. It is rabbit moon cake (or you can call it mouse LOL) It is purple potato which is a very hit ingredient in HK. If you like a special moon cake for you friends or family, try it out! You will surprise them. LOL

中秋節又快到了! 在過去幾年,我都有做不同的月餅款式教程。而今年呢, 我就做了一個可愛一點的月餅哦。這是月兔月餅(或者你可以叫它老鼠 哈哈) 他內餡是用紫地瓜做,最近香港都超流行紫地瓜的。如果你想手做月餅給朋友或家人,做這個會是很好的選擇啦 哈哈

Ingredients for Rabbit Purple Potato Moon Cake 月兔紫薯月餅

(14 moon cakes recipe 14個月餅份量)

Pastry Recipe 餅皮食譜:
Cake flour 160g 低筋麵粉 160克
Butter 100g  牛油/黃油 100克
Icing Sugar 60g  糖霜 60克
Egg 20g 雞蛋 20克
Custard Powder 20g  吉士粉 20克

Filling Recipe 餡料食譜:
Purple Potato 220g  紫蕃薯 220克
Cream 30g 忌廉/淡奶油 30克
Syrup 40g  糖漿 40克

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