Ingredients of Strawberry Pancake 士多啤梨鬆餅

Cake Flour 100g低筋麵粉 100克
Baking powder 1.5 tsp 泡打粉 1.5茶匙
1 Egg 雞蛋 1隻
Sugar 40g 糖 40克
Oil 2tsp 茶油 2茶匙
Vanilla extract 雲尼那油
Soy milk 70ml 豆漿 70毫升
(You can substitute it with milk)

Whipping Cream 50g 淡忌廉 50克
Sugar 5g 糖 5克
Mable syrup 1tbsp 楓糖 1湯匙
Strawberry 士多啤梨
Maple syrup(for dressing) 楓糖 (裝飾用)

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