Ingredients for Gudetama Rice Burger 蛋黃哥米漢堡

(Recipe for 4 people 4人份量)

Ground Beef 190g  碎牛肉 190克
Ground Pork 190g  碎豬肉 190克
1 Egg  雞蛋 1隻
Corn starch 2tsp  粟粉 2茶匙
White Wine  白酒
Black pepper  黑胡椒
Tomato  蕃茄
Lettuce  生菜
Seaweed  紫菜
Rice 飯
(one cup per person 每人一碗份量)
Boiled egg yolk  熟蛋黃

Sauce Recipe per person 醬汁食譜(1人份量)
Sugar 1tbsp  糖 1湯匙
Soy sauce 1tbsp  豉油 1湯匙
Water 2tbsp  水 2湯匙
Black pepper黑胡椒

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