Ingredient for Olaf Rice Balls 雪寶湯圓
(Recipe for 15 rice balls 15粒湯圓份量)

Ingredients for粄媽   粄媽食譜
Glutinous rice flour 30g     糯米粉 30克
Water 20ml (approximately)     水20毫升 (大約)

**Sorry, I don’t know the English name of 粄媽. Actually, 粄媽 is the key of making chewy rice ball.

Ingredients for rice balls   湯圓食譜
Glutinous rice flour 130g     糯米粉 130克
Sugar 2tsp 糖 2茶匙
Water 80-100ml (approximately)     水80-100毫升 (大約)
The cooked 粄媽 熟透的粄媽
Bamboo Charcoal Powder竹炭粉
Orange food colouring橙色色素
O’ SULLOC Green Tea Milk Spread 綠茶醬

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