Ryan is my favorite cartoon recently since I came back from Korea. I am totally in love with this little lion! Therefore, I always wanna make something about it after I backed to Hong Kong. So I designed this cute little cake for Ryan. It is made of passion fruit and yogurt mousse. I really love the biscuit base! It is so crunchy and buttery! I hope you guy will like this and try it out later~

從韓國回來後, Ryan是我最近很沉迷的卡通人物呢! 我完成迷上這可愛的小獅子! 所以呢, 我在回來香港後一直想要做跟它相關的甜點. 最後我就設計了這款Ryan蛋糕。這是用百香果跟乳酪慕士所做的。我超愛餅底那酥碎的口感啊! 我希望你們也會喜歡吧, 找天也試試看吧~

我在Kakaotalk friends store買的小吊飾~ 超可愛吧<3
I bought this little doll in Gannam Kakaotalk friends store. Super cute right? <3

超想抱這隻大人偶回香港呀~~ 好可惜是它實在太重了 ><
I really wanna buy this big doll back to HK. But it is really heavy...><

所以我就買了隻小的回去..哈哈 小小的也夠可愛
Therefore, I buy the smaller one. It is cute too.

我在Ryan Cafe買了杯子蛋糕, 馬卡龍和飲料, 朋友不喜歡吃甜的。但也被這可愛的卡通打敗. 狂拍照 哈哈
I bought cupcake, macaron and drink in Ryan Cafe. My friend don't really into dessert. But he took a lot pics of these haha

Ingredients for Ryan Passion fruit Yogurt Mousse Cake Ryan 熱情果乳酪慕士蛋糕 라이언 케이크 만들기

Digestive Biscuits 70g  消化餅乾 70克
Butter 25g  牛油/黃油 25克

Gelatin 1.5tsp  魚膠粉 1.5茶匙
Water 25g  熱水 25克
Yogurt 100g 乳酪 100克
Honey 30g 蜜糖30克
Cream 80g  忌廉/淡奶油 80克

Passion fruit puree 100g  百香果泥 100克
Cream 80g  忌廉/淡奶油 80克
Sugar 80g  糖 80克
Gelatin 1.5tsp  魚膠粉 1.5茶匙 

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