Ingredients for Lucky Orange Chocolate Rice dumplings 大吉大利爆醬朱古力湯圓 
(Recipe for 10 rice balls 10粒湯圓份量)

Ingredients for粄媽   粄媽食譜
Glutinous rice flour 30g     糯米粉 30克
Water 20g   水 20克

**Sorry, I don’t know the English name of 粄媽. Actually, 粄媽 is the key of making chewy rice ball.

Ingredients for rice balls   湯圓食譜
Glutinous rice flour 130g     糯米粉 130克
Water 90g  水90克
The cooked 粄媽 熟透的粄媽
Orange food colouring 橙色色素
Green food colouring 綠色色素
Brown food colouring 咖啡色色素
Dark Chocolate Chips 黑朱古力片

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